All of us know Mario quite good.  But we forget about his comrades? In my opionion, they are really important, but we forget that they exist. To recall them, I’ve decided describe some characters,  who are important to Mario games fans.


Luigi is Mario’s twin brother and also plumber. He lives in Brooklyn and both take part in adventures in Mushroom Kingodm. Luigi is similar to Mario, but have different colors of his clothes. Mario has blue pants and red cap and shirt. Luigi also has blue pants, however green shirt and cap. Luigi is a bit taller than his borther.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach looks like stereotype princess – pink dress, blonde hair and gold crown on head. She appeared for the first time in ‘Super Mario Bros.’ released in 1985. Peach is Mario’s  girlfriend. She is a ruler of Mushroom Kingdom disturbed by Bowser. It’s worth to know, that Peach isn’t first Mario girlfriend. In ‘Donkey Kong’ released in 1981, Mario (originally as Jump Man) had to rescue Pauline – his first girlfriend.


Mario also has some enemies. The major enemy is Bowser (known as Koopa) – red hair dragon which tries to kidnap Princess Peach. Of course, thanks to Mario, the attempts end in failure. Bowser has a lot of castles and use some kinds of weapons. He is a member and leader of Koopa Troop. Other member of this group are Kamek and Koopalings (7-member clan of Koopas) who also are enemies of Mario.

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